Term 1 2018 Update: Juliet

Dear SWSC people,

How are you doing by this moment? I hope and trust that you are doing well with your families. As for us, we are really fine and looking ahead to study hard.

What you are doing for us is so important. You have entrusted us with your help and we are deeply humbled, inspired and forever changed by the school experience you have made possible.

We remember here that there is no such thing as a small act of kindness. “Every act creates a ripple with no logical end in our lives”. And your acts of kindness will remain in our hearts and create a ripple effect on us.

We love you and we would really love to meet you some day.

Yours sincerely,

Juliet Kasochi


Term 1 2018 Update: Edias

I pass on my greetings to all Same World Same Chance participants. I hope God is sustaining you both physically and spiritually.

I am now 19 from a family of nine. I am doing my Grade 11 this year. I was supposed to be in Grade 12 this year, but because I struggled last year in some subjects, I and my teachers decided I should redo my Grade 11 so that I should have a better foundation for my Grade 12 exams at the end of next year.

Before making up my mind on this issue of repeating, since I was on my holidays, I tried to talk to my family members. Some of them were against, but my daddy agreed that I should repeat. I was not really happy redoing the same grade, but because of what I want to achieve in the future, I agreed to do so. I did not mind what my friends might think or say about me. I must care about my own life.

Juliet wrote her Grade 9 exams last year, and her results were so impressive. She scored good marks which made us all feel so amazing. I encouraged her as a sister to work even harder. Come next year, I hope to be writing my Grade 12 exams and she will be in Grade 11.

Together, as your children in Zambia, we thank you for your support. Without you we could not be here. Together we can do it, but alone we would struggle. We ask you to believe in us and continue with the same spirit. We cannot repay, but the Almighty will reward you.


Thank you very much.

Yours faithfully,


Term 1 2018 Update: Tiba

In life, we learn harsh and terrible sometimes horrible things, mainly bound to make horrible mistakes and wonder if anyone would give us a shoulder to lean on as we pass through the times of tribulations. We wonder if anyone believes in us or if anyone cares. We mostly focus on the negative side yet forgetting that to every negativity is at least something positive.

I have made mistakes and felt unworthy and uncared for but people out there like you still believe in me and want to see me through to becoming a successful career woman someday in life. Honestly speaking, that motivates me to work even extra hard and never let anyone down ever again. Most girls in my situation try to attract attention but I feel I need to attract more determination and focus. I still have people who believe in me and think I deserve a second chance to make things right again even after disappointing them so deeply.

I will take this opportunity to say thank you a million times. May God richly bless every hand that is helping through SWSC to see me through this difficult time. Thank you to all of those who have put in effort to help me.


*Note from Ms. Gibson

Although Tiba’s goals remain the same, she will now need to pursue a more challenging route to attain them. Tiba is expecting a child mid-September and has moved home to her mother’s house in Kitwe. She is now enrolled in a government school and will write her Grade 12 exams in mid-October of this year. (SWSC is covering these expenses). She is not the first nor the last young woman to find herself in this situation. This news is a reminder to all of us how vulnerable we are and how quickly life can change.

My Role Models


As a young girl aged 18, I have met a lot of people in this world. Some people are very wonderful and nice, and some people just seem to be there to deceive others.

Four years ago, I met a man at Same World Same Chance. His name is Kennedy. He used to encourage me each and every day. He told me his life history, and how he struggled to complete his education. This has given me the courage to work hard and the faith, that even when things are tough, to know I can pray to the Almighty until I am successful. His example encourages me to help others.

Marissa Izma is a young woman who was kind, helpful, encouraging and wonderful to me when I was in Grades 7 and 8. I would like to be like her because I want to be as loved as she is. She is so good to people around her.

I face some challenges in my life, but these people give me courage to stand tall.

My Role Model


My role model in life is Jessy Mulaisho,  my granny. She has really affected me in so many  ways that I that can hardly explain.

She motivates and inspires me. When I am in a situation, she always has time for me. She is always there for me and I look up to her. She helps me to learn self-control, and is helpful in my learning to recognize my errors.

She has had many challenges including struggling to receive an education and when her husband died.  But by God’s grace she has managed to be educated and to support herself. So, because of her own experience, she encourages me to always focus on school and to become someone in life. She has told me to always be ambitious and never to let someone else bring me down.

When people say negative things about me, she encourages me to put everything’s in God’s hands. She has many inspiring quotations to guide me. Some of my favourites are: “The ultimate tragedy in today’s world is not the noise of the evil but the silence of the good” and “Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”.

Without my granny my life would have been so miserable. I hope, eventually, to be like her.

My Role Model


In my life, there is a person who has encouraged me.  She is a Zambian lady by the name of Patricia Nkandu.  She did her secondary school very well.  When I was in Solwezi, she came and visited me at home and she asked me, “What grade are you doing?” I answered that I completed my school last year and she encouraged me to apply to Eden University.  After that I applied.  She was at Eden and completed her course last year and now she is working at Mutanda clinic.  This time she told me how to study medicine and I have seen that working hard is very important.  She is kind and she is a very good lady.  She was encouraging me to work hard and she gave me the books for my studies and the past papers.  She wants me to do what she did well and I want to reach where she has reached in studying medicine.  So, I have learned a lot from her and in my life; I will never forget her.  I have seen that she has helped me a lot.  And now I am studying medicine at the same university.  After completing my education, I will remember her and I have seen that life is so great.

My Role Model


A young Zambian lady by the name of Miyoba Samantha Mulingula is my role model.  She just graduated from high school at Pestalozzi with impressive results.  As a former student at school, I observed that she really worked extra hard to obtain A+s in all her subjects; which really inspired me.  She always stood up for me when I was down due to low grades and encouraged me to work extra hard because nothing comes on a silver plate.  She does not just excel in academics but also in life.  She is more like a ‘mentor’ to me.  She inspires me in every aspect of life.  She takes God, academics and extra curricular activities seriously.  She is well disciplined, motivational, and inspiring.  Everyone speaks nicely about her and she is rarely in trouble.  She has captured my admiration.  She is selfless and prefers working for others to working for herself.  She always tells me that life is about giving the little that you have when you mean it and not giving out of pride. 

How I Spent My Holiday


Schools were closed on 5th December, and I went home on 6th. My journey was very fantastic because I did not go with the common buses. Instead, I went with Rodger, a friend of SWSC. We had a very good time with him and we ate a lot of food.

We arrived in Ndola around 16:30 hours then I used the bus to go home. There I met my cousin first and later on I reached home. They welcomed me very well and we went directly to play football with my brother and his friends.

On Sunday morning, my brother and sister in-law woke up and went to fetch water. Then me and my cousin remained to do the work at home. Around 8:00 hours we were preparing for church. I was the first person to bathe, knowing that it was my birthday, so I dressed up very early and I was ready to go. I just heard my brother’s voice shouting my name then I rushed. When I reached there he poured me water and sang in his deep voice Happy Birthday my lovely sister. It was a surprise to me because I did not even think of it. Then I asked him who had told him that it was my birthday. “Today is 25th December,” he said. As we were still talking, his friend, Kennedy, came and brought me a cake written Happy Birthday, Edias. I was very happy even though my big brother was not there. He is the most lovely person I have at home.

After the 25th, the following day I was very sick. I could not even move from my uncle’s place to my brother’s house. Then my uncle took me to the clinic and I was tested for malaria and to my surprise I was told that I was positive so I started taking Coartem until I became better.

I was very happy when I came back to Pestalozzi because I missed a lot of my friends and some of the house parents. It was so good that I entered a new grade and that tells me that now I have grown and I have to encourage myself until I achieve my goal.

I thank all those people who are helping me in my studies, specifically SWSC. May God be with them and may God open all the doors of blessings upon them and me too…Thank you!!!!!!

How I Spent My Holiday


Well, my holiday was a bit interesting. What really made my holiday a bit interesting was that I didn’t go for a holiday, as in I stayed at home. I was just alone because my cousin went for a holiday, so I didn’t have anyone to talk to.

The most interesting day was when I went for extra tuitions. He really used to teach me a lot and whenever I did a task I used to get everything correct.

My big day was on Christmas day and New Year. During Christmas Day I spent all my day at church and I really enjoyed that. that. On New Year’s Day, I just went for a visit.

Beginning this year, I am no longer a day student, coming on the bus everyday. It really feels nice to be in boarding because this was my biggest dream and now since my dream has come true I am very happy about it.

Unfortunately, one of the experiences I had when I came into boarding was that I was in hospital for six days and I was really scared because it was my first time and I also had mosquito bites.

I really like the environment of the school and also our house mothers. They are very nice. I am also lucky to find someone who will be helping me with my studies and that is my house mother, Aunty Pauline.

At the moment I don’t have many friends, and I wouldn’t like to have friends because I know that when I will have a lot of friends I might find myself in a lot of problems.

My appreciation goes to all my sponsors. I am thankful you for all the things that have been done for me. Without it, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to be in boarding. May the Almighty God bless the works of those who have helped me.

Love you a lot!!!

What I Did On My Holiday


The December holiday was extremely fun. I did quite a lot of interesting stuff.

As usual, I did my social work. But this time, it wasn’t at a clinic and it was different but beneficial. Firstly, I volunteered at a certain radio station called “Komboni Radio”. This was beneficial in that I want to be journalist some day. I worked there for two weeks then I started helping out at a school called Cicina on the Copperbelt. I stayed on the Copperbelt for a week then returned to Lusaka. For the rest of the holiday, I went to chess lessons and games at Olympic Development Youth Centre. Here, I didn’t just do chess but also tried to learn some dances like salsa and break dancing in the sense of discovering more of my talents.

On Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I spent most of my time interviewing street kids and teenagers in some parts of Lusaka. I couldn’t offer them anything more except my precious time. I made a lot of street friends whom I really want to help some day. Upon spending this little time with them, I discovered that they have an important role to play in our society. Most people think street kids are just a bunch of thugs, but very few people take the time to learn why they live and behave the way they do. Street kids are not cruel, but the truth is they are fun and interesting people just like others. The fact that they don’t live the kind of life that everyone expects due to some personal and economical reasons does not mean that they can’t have a bright future in front of them.